Friday, January 6, 2012


घर के बड़े-बुड्ढे
समय-समय पर
पीते रहते  है
कुछ कड़वा,
कुछ तीखा,
ताकि परिवार के
रिश्तों में बची
रह सके मिठास ।

(यह कविता "कुमकुम के छींटे" पुस्तक में प्रकाशित  हो गयी है )

1 comment:

  1. I like your post Mithas Mr Kankani.
    I am Madanmohan Neekhra from Ahmedabad and very much appreciate your thoughts on various events.
    I need to go through your series of thoughts but may be
    "Mithas" will remain as Mithas,
    as all the bitter is removed by you,
    no caloric substance is needed to chew,
    but lot of energy to flow and fly
    till the sky will remain as blue and high.
    With warm regards